The first innovation hub for the energy transition.

EnovArk is a collaboration between the energy company OIKEN and Fondation The Ark. Its mission is to serve as a laboratory and respond to the challenges of the energy transition by providing infrastructure, data and a network of specialist expertise. 

EnovArk helps public authorities and economic stakeholders adapt to the challenges of the energy transition and take advantage of the opportunities it offers. It does this by helping them identify their needs and establish links with those who are developing and supplying innovative solutions. 

This innovation hub promotes the development of new innovation projects and accelerates their implementation and deployment. 

It is open to the entire Valais region and is supported by the OIKEN seed fund. This allows it to accelerate the development of solutions and models that will make the energy transition possible. 

I have an innovative project
I have an energy transition-related need
I need financing to launch my project


As an innovation hub, EnovArk offers various services to address the challenges of the energy transition. These include assistance with identifying opportunities arising from the energy transition and services that promote the development of innovative solutions to respond to its challenges.


Support in identifying and defining the challenges and problems encountered

Introduction to a catalogue of concrete solutions that meet specific needs

Development of a tailored solution with the support of our academic and/or industrial partners

Full-scale testing of the solution, in cooperation with our various partners


Provision of energy infrastructure and data to enable testing of the technical and economic viability of innovative products and solutions

Personalised support in developing your project and marketing your solution

Live testing of your solution, with privileged access to an initial client and pilot clients

Integration into a unique environment and our network of specialists, research institutions, start-ups and SMEs

Support with the search for financing and the possibility of financing your project or solution through the OIKEN Seed Fund

Premises adapted to and integrated into the Energypolis ecosystem s

The OIKEN Seed Fund

The aim of the OIKEN Seed Fund is to promote the development of new solutions for the energy sector, in particular solutions aimed at decarbonisation. The fund will operate alongside other instruments of the Valais innovation promotion ecosystem in a synergistic manner. 

Too often, the exploration phase of innovation is hampered by the high level of risk. It is precisely during this phase, when investors tend to be cautious, that the OIKEN Seed Fund comes into its own. The fund aims to support innovative companies taking their very first steps. It can even provide support during the emergence or incubation phase, or when ideas are forming, or when a project is in the initial R&D stages. 

EnovArk was launched by OIKEN (the largest energy network operator in Valais) together with The Ark (the foundation for innovation in Valais). EnovArk is therefore one of the innovation hubs of The Ark Foundation. For the time being, it is located directly on the premises of The Ark Foundation in Sion. 

EnovArk is a perfect addition to the initiatives already in place on the Energypolis Campus in Sion. It provides infrastructure and data to promote the emergence and development of new solutions and models for the energy transition.

The organisations behind EnovArk


c/o Fondation The Ark
Rue de l’Industrie 23

1950 Sion

058 332 21 20


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